lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

Olympic Fashion: Synchronized Swimming

I bet you loved the amazing synchronized swimming costumes we all saw @ the Olympic Games @ London 2012;

they were all to be loved!!
If you didn’t have the chance to see them in detail, here you’ll find a brief selection of the best ones and, of course, of the videos to watch the choreographies again and again...
they were fantastic!

(Guitars on their backs were a really funny detail)

(Austrian were a bit "spanish" though) 

 (Powerful colors under the water!)

 (I love China's butterflies for the Silver Medal Winners)

 (Don't you think Kazakhstan's bathsuits are super?)

 (Love their make up & the Michael Jackson suits)
And, of course, a little tribute to our girls and to our great designer Dolores Cortés.
There're no words to describe the stunning customes:

and the spectacular work they did:

so proud of our team! 

Besos & Abrazos,

Imágenes: MSCh, RTVE

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  2. muy buena entrada Bea! Los de Canadá me gustan por los colores vivos q utilizaron. El de España rojo y negro no me emociona pq no me gusta esa combinación de colores. El de topos negros tampoco me encanta. El de escamas de espejo era bonito pero prefiero el color d Canadá!